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Mar 28, 2010

Aging And Longevity

Live long and feel better.
is acquired when a series of factors come together, such as : acquired diet,exercise,low stress,well genetic, well being ,in addition to taking responsibility for all of the elements involved in good health.

aging of the skin and the cells in all the organs of the body is part of a natural process which is determined by the genes.

The Immune System plays a large role in this aging process with its operation center located in the thymus gland. When this gland begins to fail,the immune system of the body fails and organs are at the mercy of virus,bacteria,etc.

Nutrients that help keep the thymus healthy are Vitamin A,c,and E,along with the minerals zinc and selenium.

On the other hand,it is known that smocking and polluted air produce molecular crossings in cells and these are responsible for skin and tissue hardening which causes brittle and wrinkled skin.

The effect of molecular crossing is also produced by free radicals which tend to destroy and disintegrate cells,proteins,and tissues,as well as the heart of cells,the DNA,by oxidation.

Free radicals are produced by ultra-violet rays from the sun,by the normal metabolism of certain fats and by polluted air.

Free radicals affect cerebral cells causing of age diseases such as the loss of memory,depression,insomnia,sexual impotency,arteriosclerosis,etc.

Suggestions for increasing life and well-being:-

1. Consume Grains:- Grains are rich in proteins,minerals (calcium,iron,potassium,sodium,magnesium) and starches. Two types of grains exists:-

A. Cereal :- rice,corn,wheat and oats,and

B. Legumes:- (Rich in proteins) all types of beans –kidney,lentil,lima,garbanzos,soybeans and peas.

2. Consume Vegetables :- There are as many as 5 different types of vegetables :-leafy green, seed pod,flower,stalk and root.The intake of these vegetables should be varied in order to acquire the wide variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

3.Consume fruits:- In addition to vitamins and minerals,these products contain monosaccharide sugars which are easily assimilated by the body. 

Fruit can be classified into three categories.

A.Juice :- Orange,grapefruit,lime,mandarin,lemon.

B. Pulp :- Banana,mango,papaya,strawberry,pineapple,watermelon,etc.

C. Endosperm:- Apple,pear,peach,apricot,plum,grape,guava,date,coconut,pomegranate, etc

Avocado has more calories than any other fruit. Papaya has the most proteins.

4. Consume tubers:- Potato and yams are the most common .These products are high in polysaccharide carbohydrates ( starches). The sugars in fruits and tubers provide the most important source of energy for the body.

Other vital elements for good health are :- Fiber and Fat .

“Nutrition is a very important factor for good health and longevity. A Semi-vegetarian diet is ideal for adding years of life since it contains a great number of vitamins,minerals and fiber.”


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